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RFID keyfob

RFID key fob tags, RFID badge

RFID key fob tags, RFID badge

Different kinds of keyfobs for choose

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RFID keyfobis a single part of the RFID system that has two components: a microchip that stores the data such as a unique UID number, personal information, a Website orothes, and an antenna which is usually acoiled wire to receive and transmit data. RFID key fobs have the same functionality as RFID card but muchmore compact, practical and robust than RFID cards.


·High security(depending on the respective RFID chip)

·Compact and individual design (many colors, shapes and materials)

·Very robust against external influences (scratches, chemicals, dust, dirt etc.)

·Fast and contactless RFID data transmission

·Intuitive handling and simplicity of operator

These RFID Keyfobs are categorized by the frequency in which it operates, low frequency 125KHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, or Dual Frequency low frequency+high frequency.

RFID Fobs suit many application needs and can be typically used for: access control, attendance control, identification, logistics, industrial automation, tickets,casino token, membership, public transportation, e-payment, swimming pools andlaundry.

We provide custom colors print, logo printing, and serial number print. Besides, Kaisere provide different keyfobs with different shape, we has produced customer designed keyfobs with different key rings, metal fittings and other features to match a more individual request.


1. MaterialABS
2. ColorBlue, Red, Black, White, Yellow, Grey, Green, or customized
3. Chip Available

LF(125 Khz) TK4100, EM4200, T5577, Hitag2, etc

HF(13.56 Mhz) MIFARE Classic® 1K/4K, MIFARE Ultralight® EV1,

Ntag203/213/215/216, etc

4. ProtocolISO 11784/5, ISO14443A, ISO15693
5. Reading distance1-10cm
6. Working environment-25°C~50°C
7. Craftslogo print, number

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