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DESFire EV2 2K

DESFire EV2 2K (D22)

DESFire EV2 2K (D22)

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DESFire EV2 2K

We are a RFID MIFARE card manufacturer, feel free to contatc us for the price:

We have defferent kinds of IC chips in stock, What you see now is our company's very popular products, so we strongly recommend it here.


And card specification:

Material: PVC, PET, PET-G, Teslin, PC, Biodegradable material, Recycled material(RPVC, RPET, RPETG), Metal

Size: CR80 credit card szie  (85.5*54*0.84mm) or Customized

Printing: CMYK Printing, silk screen printing, Pantone color, Etc..

Which cards can be use the MIFARE chip?

Transportation system - bus card, metro card, train ticket, subway card, bus card, transportation industry card

Access control - Access card, door lock card, hotel key card

Payment system - payment card, point card, loyalty card, shopping card, membership card, recharge card

ID card - student card, employee card, driving licence, medical card, social security card, identity card