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Smart Bio Luxury Packaging Solutions

Smart Bio Premium Food Packaging Solutions

Smart Bio Premium Food Packaging Solutions

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Intelligent Traceability and Regulation

- Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to achieve comprehensive monitoring and traceability from food production to sales.

- Integrating active ingredients and new packaging materials into traditional packaging to enhance safety.

- Addressing food safety concerns, the intelligent traceability system realizes monitoring and tracking of food throughout the entire process from raw material procurement, production processing to transportation and sales, enhancing consumer confidence in food safety.

- Consumers can easily obtain detailed product information by scanning the QR code or RFID tag on the packaging, including production date, source of raw materials, processing techniques, etc. This also reduces the burden on manufacturers of filling out labels to meet compliance requirements.


- The adaptability of intelligent packaging meets diverse consumer preferences.

- Easily access product details and interactive experiences through smart terminals.

- Customize rich shopping experiences.

Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Sustainable Development

- Adopting eco-friendly materials and optimizing production processes.

- Contributing to energy conservation and waste reduction.

- Supporting sustainable development initiatives.

Innovative Technology and Cross-industry Collaboration

- Exploring the future development direction of intelligent packaging through innovative technology.

- Promoting breakthroughs and innovation through cross-industry collaboration.

- Establishing industry standards to promote healthy development.