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passport reader, Document Reader

passport reader, Document Reader

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The passport Reader inspects and images MachineReadable Travel Documents (MRTDs) in a variety of market segments.This includesapplications that are primarily focused on data capture opportunities inhotels, casinos, liquor stores, bars,bank, airport, customs, embassy,government, and rental car companies.

e-Passport (Optional RFID reading)

Contactless IC reading and writing capabilityaccording to:

1. ISO14443 Type-A and B and C using a PC/SC interface

2. e-Passportsupport for ICAO 9303 LDS and PKI using included SDK

3. Allstandardized rates, up to 848 Kbps, read-out times depend on RFID tag, operatingsystem and amount of data stored in the chip

3. PC/SCinterface provides support to other card types such as Mifare.

Standard Dimensions

Length: 20.96 cm

Width: 16.9 cm

Height: 17.0 cm (with light shield)

Net Weight: < 1.2 kg

Gross Weight: < 2.2 kg

Packing size: 37*26*25 cm

Status Indicators

The reader provides user feedback via thefollowing status indicators:

> Red - Read Error LED

> Blue - Ready LED

> Green - Reading LED

The reader performs a power-up self-testand indicate failure using status LEDs.


Powered from universal input external powersupply:

External 5VDC 2A, Input voltage 100 -240VAC, Frequency 50 - 60Hz


Government: Quality assurance fore-Passport issuance, Travel document authentication for border control, Breederdocument verification for ID/DL issuance

Transportation: Verify airline traveler IDor boarding pass at security checkpoint or boarding gate

Retail: ID fraud and loss prevention formobile phone stores and car rental agencies

Financial: New account enrollment for banks,ID verification for check cashing

Hospitality: Hotel/casino guest ID dataextraction, Hotel/casino vendors and employees vetting

Comprehensive Software Features

1.Flexible software interface allows hostapplication to select which illumination sources to use, image type, imagecompression, photo extraction, LED control, DG1~DG16 data output etc.

2.Simple high level API for quick programdevelopment or detailed low level API for fine control of all reader functions

3.SDK provides full configuration API

User Feedback

1.Light: programmable multicolorLEDs

2.Sound: buzzer output withreading finish

Reading Capability

The MEPR100 Document Reader reads thefollowing:

1.ICAO compliant documents innear infrared (IR) per ICAO 9303 specification Parts 1-4

2.Passports, e-Passports, ID cards, visas, etc


The reader illuminates documents in multiplewavelengths

1. NearIR B900, 860nm

2. Whitevisible, 430-680nm

3. UVA, 365nm


1. Sensor:3.1 Megapixels, CMOS, RGB 24 bit color system

2. Standard400 DPI image resolution