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MIFARE Ultralight AES

MIFARE Ultralight AES

The MIFARE Ultralight AES IC delivers a new level of trust for limited-use tickets and key cards by supporting AES cryptographic authentication. Designed as a secure, contactless replacement for traditional paper tickets, mag-stripe, barcode and QR code-based systems, the IC gives solution providers a convenient, more secure way to issue single-trip and multi-use transit tickets, event tickets, access passes, loyalty cards. Further, in hospitality it gives guests secure access to hotel rooms and other hotel facilities, including spas, gyms and parking garages.


1. Protected data access based on AES authentication with 128 bit key length and optional Command Counter to limit negative authentication attempts

2. CMAC protection for message integrity protection

3. Optional AES authentication protection for 1x out of 3x 24-bit one-way-counter

4. Common Criteria certification: EAL 3+


Privacy and Ownership

1) 7-byte UID with optional Random ID support for enhanced privacy

2) ECC-based originality signature (pre-programmed)

3) Originality check based on 128-bit originality key leveraging the AES authentication

Contactless Performance

1) ISO/IEC 14443 A -2 / -3 compliant

2) Operating distance of up to 10 cm

3) Data transfer of 106 kbit/s


1) 144-byte EEPROM user memory

2) Number of single write operations: 100,000


1) Easy design-in by using the same memory structure with the predecessor MIFARE Ultralight products

2) Helps to streamline integration and supports scalability within the MIFARE IC family with the use of same AES authentication commands


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