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Important notice for price

As you should already hear the global chip supply is in short, this condition possibly will last through the year of 2021 even 2022.

The price of commodities are also soaring and are said to keep going up in the following months, including Plastic, Copper, Aluminum, Chemicals (coatings on plastic orpaper surface), which are raw materials for us to make cards & labels.

Now we're sure this is not some kind of bluffing or trick, this is really going to happen. Every supplier of chipand materials are telling us prices will go up.

The good news is that it's a global situation, it won't really make you lose competitiveness, to the contrary, if we can keep a smaller price increase than competitors, it will increase our competitiveness.

You are ourlong-term and valuable customer, we'll do the best to support you at thisstage.