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Why my RFID tags can't be detected?

Why my RFID tags can’t be detected?

With the popularization of the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), people are more interested in having RFID electronic tags in the management of fixed assets. Generally speaking, a complete set of solutions includes RFID fixed assets management system, RFID printer, RFID tag, RFID reader, and so on. RFID tag as an important component in the solution, if there is any problem with the RFID tag;it will affect the whole system.

Reasons of RFID tags cannot be detected

1.Damages with RFID tags

RFID tags made with IC chip and antenna inside of it, there may be failures if the chips are compressed or have high static electricity. And the damage of the RFID signal receiving antenna will also cause failure. Therefore, RFID tags must not be compressed or torn. Generally, high requirements of RFID tags will be packaged in the plastic card, to avoid external damage.

2.Influences of interfering objects

RFID signals cannot pass through the metal. When the RFID tags are covered by the metal, the reading distance will be affected, or even cannot be read at all. At the sametime, the Radio-frequency information of RFID tags is also difficult topenetrate water, and if the signals blocked by water, the sensing distance will also be limited. In general, the signal of the RFID tag can penetrate nonmetallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood, and plastic, and conduct penetration communication in these cases. If the application situationis a special one, then special functions are required, such as metal resistance, high-temperature resistance, waterproof, and etc.

3.Far reading distance

RFID electronic tags vary according to the production process, application environment, and reading distance of RFID readers. If the reading distance is too far, the reading effect will be affected.

Factors affecting the reading distance of RFID tags

1. It is related to the RF power of RFID readers. If the RF power is weak, the reading and writing (R/W) distance are short; on the contrary, if the power is strong, itgets a long reading distance.

2. It is related to the gain of the RFID reader antenna. The gain of reader antenna is small and the R/W distance is short.

3. It is related to the coordination degree of polarization direction and relative angle of RFID tag and antenna. Provided the consistent direction with a high coordination degree, and the longer R/W distance would be.

4. It is related to the attenuation amount of the feeder unit. The larger the attenuation amount is, the short the R/W distance is.

5. It is related to the total length of the feeder connecting the reader and the antenna. The longer the feeder is, the short the R/W distance would be.

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