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Caughtin a GUN threat because of IT

Jack still can’t forget.

Jack still can’t forget how dangerous it was; it’s really a close call, and how lucky he was able to get out of it, and sincethen his life has completely changed. That thing happened last year.

It was in May last year. Jack was traveling alone in New York. Enjoying the view at the Empire State Building, feasting hiseyes on the time square. All those things felt so good; somehow he felt like he got rid of the troubles at work and trivial stuff in the family. He went into astore with many different styles of watches on display. Jack chose a mini sportpink watches, small, stylish. “Kim would be happy if I gave her this little present” Jack thought. Kim is his little daughter who is 12 years old.

When he was about to pay, he found it wasnoisy at the cashier desk, people were like arguing something around the desk.Jack didn’t want to get any trouble, so he said to one of the young ladies whostand inside the counter. The lady looks confused when she heard Jack askinghow much for the watch, but it was just one moment, she suddenly looks brightlyin her eyes, and said it costs US$299.Jack thought the price would be much higher, this price he can totally livewith. He handed his credit card over, but the lady said it’s better to pay in cash,and we are now kind of in the middle of some troubles here, so we can’t printthe receipt either. Though this request seems strange, this price was really good. Besides, he didn’t want to get involved in that argue trouble, so he paidit anyway, and then he left the store with the watch.

It’s around noon; Jack felt like to eat,just at the moment he was making his way to a nearby restaurant. Few guy srunning past by in rush, and he noticed the watch store lady among these guys. The lady also noticed Jack, give him a glimpse, and then she ran away at once.Jack didn’t know what happened, but he had a bad feeling. “hey, stop, or I willshoot’’ Jack heard a yelling while the feeling did not last too long. He saw two strong policemen moving toward and with a gun pointing at him. Jack was terrified,and he can only have his hand in the air instinctively.

Jack was in custody, he was accused ofstealing watches. That’s nonsense he thought, I have paid for the watch. Policetook Jack back to the store and gave the watch to the watch store manager whowas aged about 30. Jack remembered she was the lady surround by those people, they were arguing at that time. The manager said, yes, this is one of thestolen watches, thank God, you help me get it back. Stolen? No, Miss, I have paidfor the watch, Jack explained. Sir, I’m sure this is unsold watch, we didn’tfind the sales record of this watch. And the manager said she would like to seethe receipt, but Jack didn’t have it. Then she carried a reading scanner to readthe white tag that attached to the watch. This little tag named rfid tag, alsocalled NFC tag, we can track the sales record or other sales activity, and conductstock management by reading it. And customers can also read the tag by theircell phone to know more details about the watch, said the manager. Then she demon strated how to read the rfid tag with a cell phone. Just need to open your cell phone’s NFC function, and then use the cell phone to tap the tag, it will navigate to a web page which with a very detailed description of the watch, including the price, and it says US$699. OMG! Jack seems to understand something.

Finally, Jack explained everything to the watch store manager and police. It turned out that only those guys were the real thieves, they argued with the manager by causing a complaint of quality problem, thenstole watches with the lack of the manager’s attention. That young lady he talked to, of course not work for the store, but a thief. When those thieves running past by Jack, police found Jack made eye contact with one of those guys, thus he was misunderstood to be one of the thieves by the police. In theend, Jack said he would buy the watch by credit card payment this time,and requested the receipt. The police cut Jack loose, and let him go.

After that, Jack took a great interest in rfid tag, because he discovered a new business opportunity. Jack decided tostart a business of providing rfid tag solution for warehouse and boutiquestores after Googled a lot of information about rfid tag and the market, aswell as its development potentials. He also found many rfid tag suppliers in China, Jack talked to many of them. Finally, he chosen a company named Shenzhen Kaisere Technology Company Limited which located in Shenzhen, who has been working in this industry for over 15 years, got their own factory. This company focuses on rfid products (such as rfid card, rfid wristband), not just rfid tags,and they have many successful cases in rfid business. Jack believes this company is a trustworthy and professional rfid product supplier.

Things are getting back on track, businessis good, Jack’s family is fine. He got a new page in life. Jack sometimes looks back to that travel which made his life changed in many ways.