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NFC E-ink Tag

NFC E-ink Tag, Electronic Label, ESL

NFC E-ink Tag, Electronic Label, ESL


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NFC E-ink Tag (NFC ESL)

Kaisere’s NFC E-ink Tag (ESL) solution is combined with NFC, and E-ink technology; it provides solution to digitally update the information displayed on the screen, greatly enhances the intelligent management level in grocery, small shop, and factory production line and so on.

Simply use Mobile App to edit the information by NFC function, the E-ink display will be renewed precisely, high efficiently.

KAISERE Innovative NFC ESL solution is composed of:

NFC ESLElectronic Label (No Battery required)




Display size: 2.9 inch

- Comm Frequency:13.56MHz, ISO14443A (NFC)

- Display Resolution: 296(V)*128(H)

- Power supply source: NFC

- Display color: black and white

- Display ink: E-ink

- Operating temperature: 0-50℃

- Life time: more than 1000000 times

- ROM: 64K Byte

- Number of pages that can be displayed - 13 pages

- OTA Firmware Update: Yes

- Display Refresh time: 2.5-4S


- Unique barcode editable

- No Battery required

- Fast update speed

- Economic

- Light and small
ApplicationSmall size to middle-size grocery, small 7-11 convenient shops, warehouse and so on

How does it work?

1. Operated by mobile App

Kaisere’s NFC electronic tag could be updated by mobile App.

Simplyto install our app to operate this NFC electronic tags, with our app, you couldedit basic information of a selling product, including name, quantity, price, or even a unique barcode. You can choose both sizes on editable display screen, which is very user-friendly. Also you could define your own operation App by provided technical support from us.

Information update steps as below:

How does it work?

2. Operated by 13.56Hz RFID reader

You can also update the electronic tag with an rfid reader which could identify item with 13.56MHz frequency, because this tag’s work frequency is 13,56MHz, and NFC belongs to this communication protocol.

With rfid reader that would be much easier to operate since many RFID related products need a reader to make things work. And you could just use your own reader to connect and update our tag, without anything extra involved.

Information update steps as below: