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Teslin Card

Teslin Card


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TESLIN® substrate is a durable, secure and highly printablesynthetic paper that excels for laminated print projects and other applicationsdemanding a tough, high-performance material.


• IC card, RFID card, Electronic passports  • RFID tag, aviation label, waterproof label

• The pressure-sensitive adhesive label    • Security certificate

• Event ticket  • The waterproof menu   •High-quality printed material-map


Superior RFID Durability, Superior Adhesion

SuperDurability, Good laminating capability, Abrasion resistance

Tearresistance, Chemical resistance, Waterproof

Broadthermal stability range, Thermal Degradation

Amazingly printable • Lower Density • After processing Adaptability

E-cofriendly • Consistent Quality

Processing adaptability:

Guillotine Trimming • Die Cutting • Perforating • Laminating • Folding

Gluing and Bonding • Sewing • Grommet Insertion • Foil Stamping

Embossing • Painting • Hole Punching / Drilling