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TESLIN® substrateis a durable, secure and highly printable synthetic paper that excels forlaminated print projects and other applications demanding a tough,high-performance material.

A wide range ofprinting and fabricating techniques is compatible with TESLIN® substrate. Itcan be printed or imaged with offset, monochrome laser, color laser,flexography, gravure, letterpress, intaglio, thermal transfer, inkjet,andscreen-printing processes.  

As a single-layer,polyolefin-based material, Teslin substrate is in a category of its own amongsynthetic papers and printable plastics because it is engineered with amicroporous matrix that allows it to absorb and create strong interlocking bondswith inks, adhesives, coatings and laminating films.In addition to makingTeslin substrate breathable and lightweight, microporosity also enables it tocombine insulation, cushioning and other exclusive performance benefits in away that no other synthetic substrate can equal.

Ruggedly Durable

Harsh environmentsand punishing applications are no match for Teslin substrate.  Compare these performance benefits with othersynthetic papers and printable plastics:

1.Resists abrasionand safeguards printed text and graphics from distortion, laminates orprotective coatings.

2.Withstandsexposure to water and chemicals, including steam-pressing, dry-cleaning andgamma irradiation.  Other syntheticsubstrates require a coating or other processing to accomplish what Teslinsubstrate does without enhancement.

3.Remains pliablein temperatures from -70°C/-94°F to 180°C/356°F, even during long periods of exposure or rapid environmentalchange.  Other synthetic substrates canbecome brittle in low temperatures or melt in high temperatures.

Amazingly Printable

Compatible with abroad range of print technologies and able to reproduce crisp, vibrant color,Teslin substrate is ideal for applications that demand high levels ofprocessing flexibility.  Teslinsubstrate:

1.Prints likeconventional pulp paper so it does not demand special inks or drying equipment.Other synthetic papers typically require special oxidizing inks and longdry-times, which increases expense and lowers productivity.  

2.Absorbs inks andtoners and bonds them to its surface almost instantly, which results in quickdry-times and nearly indestructible printed text and graphics.  Compared to other synthetics, it also enablesfaster processing and throughput to increase print productivity.

3.Enables printersto inventory one grade of Teslin substrate because it performs well across abroad range of printing technologies. This reduces the number of SKUs and the amount of capital invested inunused inventory.

4.Can be duplex-and dual-surface printed with high-quality graphics, digital photos, bar codesand micro-text, making it ideal for variable print projects.

5.Accommodates avariety of converting methods and finishing techniques for greater designflexibility and creativity.

Highly Bondable

Teslin substratebonds to laminating films and adhesives to provide multi-dimensional strengthand extended service life for laminated print products.  Printers and end-users that invest inlamination will not find another synthetic material that offers the same durability,lifespan and manufacturing flexibility as Teslin substrate. Teslin substrate:

Forms adhesivebonds that are up to 10 times stronger than other synthetic substrates.

Can easily bedie-cut to any shape.

Bonds withlaminate film so edge-seals are not required.

Inherently Secure

Inherentlytamper-evident, Teslin substrate synthetic paper is the preferredhigh-performance material for security applications such as identificationcards and credentials, brand protection labels, and smart cards and RFID tags.Teslin substrate:

1.Absorbs inks andtoners into its surface, locking in printed text and graphics and making themnearly indestructible.

2.Resistsmechanical separation and permanently distorts when the strong adhesive bond itforms with other materials is altered or broken

3.Offers optionalcustomizable security features for advanced security programs.

4.Providesvaluable cushioning to protect embedded components in electronic labels orcredentials.

5.Exhibits lowerdielectric constant, emits minimal particulates when flexed and is morestatic-dissipative than other synthetic security papers and printable plastics.