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BlueTooth Card

BlueTooth Card, Cold laminating, iBeacon

BlueTooth Card, Cold laminating, iBeacon

Cold laminating technology

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The production of a smart card which includes PCB, Li-polymer battery and/or Bluetooth module must be carried out in low temperature. We provides OEM service to manufacture this type of smart cards. Simply providing your PCBA and electronic components, we will make the finished cards. It is important to have this type of smart card laminated in a technique-know-how factory, so that the waste of valuable electronic parts will be minimized, and the function of finished cards will be stable and reliable.

We have 3 solutions for you:
1, You can provide the PCB(FPC) and electronic components, we are in charge of customized into a card;
2, You can provide the BOM list of the electronic components, and designing principle, we are in charge of buying the parts, PCB manufacture,then customized into a card;
3, You provide the design idea, we are in charge of the other works.

The advantage of the cold lamination technology card (the bluetooth card ) we shown you as below, if we compare with the traditional molding technic card (like high way charging card):

1. Can save your cost, as the tooling cost of traditional molding technic card usually should be more than USD: 1800, but we can save the cost with the cold lamination technology card (the bluetooth card), it is available for the various and small batch manufacture requirement;
2. The cold lamination technology card (the bluetooth card ) is more thinner, it is around 0.84-1.6mm, or traditional molding technic card is around 3-8mm, so the cold lamination technology card is easy to carry;
3. We can make various good looking design for the cold lamination technology card (the bluetooth card ), like credit card size and CMYK printing, the cold lamination technology card just can do the silk printing;
4. The PCB or FPC in the cold lamination technology card ((the bluetooth card ), can protect the battery and electronic components;
5. There is swift button in the the cold lamination technology card ((the bluetooth card )), it is more convenient for use.

Production intruduction:

Size : Credit card size (the thickness can be customized)
Shielding operation frequency: 13.56Mhz (Optional)
Communication frequency : 2.4GHz
Working time:built-in wireless charging module (cycle use)
Features:Cold laminating packaging process for active smartcard, added chargeable module, intelligent management software and etc.
Structure:Bluetooth module, ICs, rigid PCB or FPC, Li-polymer Battery and etc.
Advantage:To simplify the purse, payment security,internet data sharing.
Usage:Press the button, to activate the bluetooth, then connect the smartphone or Ipad, can upload or download data, the bluetooth card and APP can be interacted, then monitor the consumption details and make sure the payment safely.

Why do you choose Kaisere?

1. We have years of experience with Cold Lamination technology.

2. We laminate cards in a consistent low temperature below 50 degree; most factories cannot keep this low temperature.

3. Our card can be as thin as 0.84~1.6mm, thinner and lighter.

4. The outer of cards apply heat-resistant material, to protect the inner components.

5. Our well-appointed card production line enables us to offer high quality printing and finishing on cards.

6. We have a “Cold Lamination Tech Team” especially founded in our factory focusing on this, and we’re applying a Patent for our own lamination technology.

7. Our OEM cost is very competitive.