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The Application of RFID Ear Tags in Livestock Industry

RFID ear tag is an electronic tag that identify the animals by RFID technology. people can writethe animals’ information in the RFID chip of the RFID ear tag, and read thistag to get all the information of the animals to realize the information management system of livestock industry, now this RFID ear tag is widely usedin tracking and identifying of livestock industry (pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.).

In May 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Administrative Measures for Animal Immunization Markings," which stipulated that pigs, cattle and sheep must wear RFID Animal ear tags for immunity and establish an immunization records management system. The reasons are as follows:

1、Animal disease controlling

the information of the ear tag is including the animal’s livestock number, varieties, source, production performance, immune status, health status, livestock owners, once there are theanimal disease and other quality problems, people could track the source ofanimals to realize the scientific and institutionalized of livestock industry and improve the management.

2、Safety production

Ear tags are an excellent tool for identification and management of a large number of livestock, the livestock farms can find the problems in time and take corresponding control measures quickly to ensure safe production.

3improving the management: every animals have a unique RFID ear tag, the owner could realize the management of animal feed, Immunization, disease, death, weighting, medication, column recording and other daily information management by reading and writing this tag in his cellphone.

4、Safety supervision: because it is a unique RFID tag, so the people can track all the information, such as the farms, slaughterhouse, the direction of sales, andother commercial information, it is better to supervise the safety of domestic livestock products and ensure that people have healthy pork.

The automatic identification and tracking system is mainly divided into three systems: management center, control center and quarantine center. The system is consists of animal RFID ear tag, reading and writing device, handle reader and writer, and the identify software, Animal breeding, transportation and slaughtering can be tracked and monitored by this system. In the event of an outbreak, the health authorities can trace the infected animals through this system to control the developmentof the epidemic as soon as possible.