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NFC Electronic Shelf Label

You can make big money by knowing it, what you say?

The Covid-19 stroke a big impact to the whole world, and changed many people’s lives. It was so hard at the beginning of 2020, just like a dream, so that many people hope to reboot the year of 2020. My friend Wang is one of these guys.

Wang used to work as a salesman who provides service of door to door sales. Many companies went down because of Covid-19, Wang also lost his job. Where is the future? Buy a lottery, hoping to win a big money to have a beautiful life? Absolutely no, it’s a dead-end thing, it won’t happen, only working can he make a living. Whatever he complained about, lifegoes on. He has to find a job, so he can bring home the bacon.

The other day, Wang was enjoying his mealat a restaurant; food and drinking temporarily let him forget the troubles oflife. A man in green walked in, Wang glanced and noticed that the man was not food delivery man he thought of, on his outfit, it says ‘Piaopu delivery’ (a deliveryservice for ingredients). Nowadays, people get lazier, everyone wants to getwhat they want by the door to door service. Hungry? We got door to door food delivery. Shopping? No need to go to the mall, we got online shopping and doorto door delivery for packages. Now people don’t even go to the food market for ingredients picking up, just sit at home and waiting for everything to be delivered. How ridiculous! Though Wang is not getting along with this kind of change so far, he knows it is the truth, “Whatever is, is right”, demand createsthe market. Wait a minute; Wang suddenly realized something, Demand! That’sright. There are many such demands now. People fear to go out, and they don’twant to go out, because Covid-19 is out there, it’s a big risk, and you have towear a mask, which makes the whole go-out thing troubles many people. So it’s better to stay at home, but people still need ingredients to cook. Here comesthe Piaopu delivery that can solve the problem. People don’t need to go out for ingredient purchases; they could just outsource it to Piaopu delivery. Especially at this stage, Covid-19 still the threaten. Many people would choose Piaopu delivery service. This is a good idea, it worth a try. Wang decided tosign up as a Piaopu deliveryman. Actually now they all share an official namewhich called online deliveryman, well, it does sound better than food (or whatever it is) deliveryman.

It was one month later before I saw Wang again. I ran into him working very hard on the street. We pick a coffee house for a drink and got a little chat about his new job. It looks not easy, he got tanned(not in a good way of doing it, of course), and it’s been very hot these days. Hesipped the coffee and started, “though it’s a tough job, money is pretty good,at least for now. You know before the delivery thing, I used to do door to doorsell service, which makes me very familiar with this area, and now I get a big benefit from it. I can get more orders on average compared to other deliverymen. But sometimes, we got hard times. Like yesterday, I got a complaint about the wrong delivery because of the wrong label on the delivery box, which made me the whole day’s hard working in vain”.

I was told by Wang that the delivery boxesare recycled to use, each time pasted with different paper labels so the deliveryman can identify their order. But in rush hours, there would be something wrong about this labor work, which is the label information not corresponding to the right content of the delivery box. Besides, the paper label needs to be updated very frequently, which also a big problem for the good look of the delivery box. Wang said he has been concerning about this issue. Afterall, wrong deliveries always resulted in complaints, and when it comes to themoney, it’s a big deal.

That rings my memory about a sort of digital screen labels which displayed on the supermarket rack, good outlook, and clear information stated, also looks stylish. I gave this information to Wang; perhaps it would be the key to solve the problem. After all these years I’ve known about Wang, what makes me appreciate to him are his fast execution and firm mind. Getting info, verifying info, making the mind, then do it. I got Wang’s call on the third day after our conversation. He sounds very happy, andsaid he found some awesome stuff called NFC electronic smart label with electronic ink embed which enables them to update info at any time they want andcan be work for many years without replacing it. This kind of label requires nobattery to drive, just need to operate it with your cell phone and handle PDA,very convenient. And this label is eco-friendly to the environment because of nowaste of paper and battery. Besides, the biggest advantages of E-ink labels compared to the traditional paper label are the E-ink improves work efficiency, reduces error rate, and saves a lot of labor costs. The supermarket label Ireferenced before was battery needed active electronic label which requires awhole system including many hardwares and software, much complicated and expensive. The active electronic label is not the option.

I could almost see the smile face on theother side of the phone. Wang said he wants to give me a meal treat for providing the useful information. I was much interested in what Wang gonna doin the next than the treat meal. It was turned out my concern is no longer athing. After the studying of that NFC electronic label, Wang proposed his ideato Piaopu right away, and it was treated carefully by the company. And theytook Wang’s advice to contact a professional supplier named Shenzhen KaisereTechnology Co., Ltd, who has been conducting the research on this product for awhile, and this supplier also focuses on the solution for delivery boxes now, and they already had big progress for the solution. When Piaopu contacted this Kaisere supplier, it was like they fitted for each other, and both two parties willing to set up a business relationship with each other. Finally, Wang praised with a very good reward by proposing the idea, which helped the Piaopu tobetter their management.

That’s where the treat meal thing comesfrom, I was happy for Wang. We went to a wonderful place, I can’t figure outhow many drinks we had that day. But I can tell you one thing, which is you cancash from seeing potential demands and providing solutions for them.

Right, my bad, some of you guys may get interestedin the mentioned solution for the delivery box. Please send an email to if you want to knowmore detail.