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NFC Eink Medical Care Board

NFC Eink Medical Care Board

As COVID-19 is rampant across the world, the medical industry is receiving much attention. In the medical industry, main taining good medical and nursing quality is the value of hospitals and medical personnel. Under the development trend of digitization and technology, the medical industry has also undergone digital transformation to improve the quality of medical care.

Shenzhen Kaisere Technology has developed Eink Medical Care Board by its low power consumption and wide viewing angle characteristics in the ecosystem to replacethe traditional hand-written white board in the hospital scene. The Eink medicalcare board displays the electronic health records through the e-paper information board to ensure information transmission. The correctness,including important information such as patient care and preventive measures,improves the communication efficiency between doctors, medical staff, patientsand their families.

Atthe same time, providing patients with a good, high-quality rest environment isthe key to treatment and recovery. Using Eink medical care board which has nodazzling light source on the display screen does not interfere with thepatients’ sleep.

Inaddition to medical care information boards, Shenzhen Kaisere Technology also cooperates with ecosystem partners to create ward house numbers and patientcare billboards.