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Sony® FeliCa RC-S966 card

Sony® FeliCa RC-S966 card

RC-S966 Series products

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RC-S966 is a contactless IC card chip, based on Sony’s FeliCa technology.

1. Model nameRC-S966
2. Frequency13.56 Mhz
3. ProtocolISO/IEC 18092
4. User memory14 Blocks (1 Block = 16 Bytes)
5. Data transfer rate212 kbps / 424 kbps
6. Rewriting durability50,000 times
7. Operating temperature-25 °C to +100 °C
8. Storage temperature-55 °C to +125 °C

Use of existing FeliCa infrastructure

RC-S966 is based on the same wireless communication method as used by conventional FeliCa

Standard-compatible products. The RC-S966 command system is compatible with that of conventional

FeliCa Standard chips. Therefore, you can use your existing infrastructure, including FeliCa ports and

development environment, without making any changes.

You can issue and operate RC-S966 with only three commands: Polling, Read Without Encryption, and

Write Without Encryption.

Mutual authentication function

RC-S966 has a mutual authentication function, which differs from that in conventional FeliCa Standard

chips, for authentication with the Reader/Writer.

This function is suited to applications such as ID cards and points cards.

Detection of falsification

RC-S966 can detect falsification by adding MAC (Message Authentication Code) to the data that is read

out and written in.

Compliance with NFC Forum Type 3 Tag

RC-S966 is compliant with the Type 3 Tag defined by the NFC Forum. Therefore, RC-S966 can

communicate with any Reader/Writer that is compliant with the NFC Forum standard.

RC-S966 can be used for handover and smart poster applications.

Reduced chip size

RC-S966 achieves a smaller chip size (0.99 mm x 0.99 mm (Typ.), after dicing) by adopting a fine process

technology and a minimized command set, with suppressed memory capacity.

Communication system

The communication system of RC-S966 is based on inductive coupling.